Palace Wedding

When it comes to destination wedding Palace wedding is a whole new concept in the Indian wedding scenario and particularly for those who are keen on celebrating their wedding in a unique way. Indian forts and palaces found in the desert state of Rajastan are ranked amongst the best in the world. After years of painstaking efforts these magnificent ruins were restored to their old charm and glory. Today most of the palaces have been converted to heritage hotels and lure visitors from around the world with their unique regal charm and world class comforts.

Little wonder that as wedding destinations, Indian palaces are matchless. The moment you step into its premises you will be in a different world altogether. Imagine a grand courtyard with acres of lush beautiful gardens, groves, cascading fountains, shady trees, flowers, sandstone quarters and finely carved sculptures. A long drive through these vast lawns will lead you to the main palace building, where a grand portico extends a stately welcome. Few steps up the grandly laid marble staircase takes you to a massive lounge impressively done with antique portraits, princely statues and marble inlay works, transporting you to an era gone by.

Destination wedding is all about getting married in some exotic venues away from home in presence of a small or sizeable group of friends and family members. It’s a wedding for which you have to travel, but only to discover the ambience of your dreams. The location could be a historical palace of great importance, luxury cruise ship, renowned cathedral or a famous temple complex in the middle of a picturesque lake.

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